Brass Smooth Like Butter Posey Ring


Smooth like butter is right! This style of ring has a super comfortable curve, and a nice heavy thickness. 

Posey rings date back for centuries and were first given as engagement rings inscribed with sentiments of love. Through time the phrase "posey ring" began to refer to a ring with writing on it.

My lines of posey rings are stamped with uplifting and affirmational words and phrases. They are solid sterling silver. The rings can be stacked. Perfect for yourself or to give as gifts. The versatile design looks great alone or together with other rings. The bands are about 3mm tall and 2mm thick.

These rings are custom made with the message of your choice. I make several versions of posey rings, however this one combines the the weight of the heavier bands with the size and look of my thinner versions. The rounded curves of this style make for an extra comfortable ring.

The text is *tiny* (under 1mm) and is an all uppercase font.

The rings are about 2mm thick and 3mm tall.

Price is for ONE ring. 

If you would like to purchase more than one ring, please add them to your cart individually, letting me know the message(s) for each ring.

When will the custom ring(s) be made and shipped? Please see my fine print at the bottom of the page for a current time estimate for your custom ring's creation.


The rings are made from scratch. To learn more about the process, you can see me make a posey ring start to finish in this photo set.


  • This ring is made of brass. It is not plated. Brass will oxidize at a rate similar to copper. When you receive it, it will be shiny as pictured, however as you wear it it may darken. If your body has a high acidity level, or you are sweating a lot, you will see a green mark on your skin. This mark is harmless and will easily wash off with soap and water. You can try applying a layer of clear fingernail polish to seal the ring and prevent the reaction if it bothers you.
    You can clean unsealed brass with a polishing cloth or polishing paste (just like you would clean silver or copper.)
  • Price is for one ring.  
  • The font is an all uppercase tiny block lettering.
  • I can also stamp numbers, a period, comma, an exclamation point, question mark, and a heart symbol.  To signify a heart stamp, please type the word heart and place it in parenthesis, like this:  I (heart) YOU
  • I cannot stamp accents over letters.
  • Custom messages can be a maximum of 36 characters spaces. If you have a question about this, please send me a message. 
  • It is possible to have the message both inside and outside, but it looks best if the text doesn't "overlap" the same spot of the ring. In other words, where it is stamped inside it is not stamped outside and vice versa.
  • If your message is divided between the inside and outside of the band, the COMBINED total of character spaces should not exceed 36.
  • These rings are stamped by hand, as such, letter placement will have a whimsical touch. This embodies the charm of a hand stamped piece and is not to be considered a flaw.
  • The ends of the ring are joined with silver solder. This means there will be a thin silver line at the seam of the ring.

Please purchase a ring from this listing.  Choose the size you need, then type your message in the customization box(es) in this listing.  If you do not want a message on the outside/inside, please leave that box empty.

Rings will be made exactly as written; please check your spelling before submitting your order.  I do not include quotation marks unless you specifically tell me to do so.  (For instance, in the comments box during checkout you say, 'Please include the quotation marks.')


Don't know your RING SIZE?
There are many sizing methods offered online, however, having your finger sized at a local jewelry store is the most accurate method.
If you need to convert a size from a non-US sizing system, this site is wonderful.

If you order the wrong size, resizing is offered for a fee.  Custom orders are non-refundable.  Please check my fine print for details.