Cloisonne Beach Scene


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This pendant is made using the cloisonne technique of enameling.  A copper base is enameled with glass on each side, and then fine silver wires are cut, formed, and sunk into the base layer of glass.  From there, each cell or partition is filled with glass enamel and repeatedly fired in the kiln to fill the cells and complete the design.  It is a painstaking process, but one that lends itself to beautiful results in the end! 

This pendant incorporates fine silver foil under transparent shades of blue enamel to create the water in the ocean.

The shadow box that the enamel focal piece is mounted in is made of sterling silver.  It has a dark patina on the interior. 

Choose between a 16", 18", or 20" sterling silver chain.  

This necklace does have some heft or weight to it due to the size of the pendant.