Create Memories - Enamel and Spoon Necklace


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This necklace was created from the bowl of an antique silver plate spoon.  The silhouette of a house and tree was cut out from the metal, and I stamped along the edge in tiny print to read, "CREATE MEMORIES".  Blue glass enamel shows through the cut outs, and a yellow glass enamel flower accents the sky.

The chain is sterling silver with glass beads pinned in place along it.  It is 18" in length.

The pendant is 2" from top to bottom.  It does have a bit of weight to it, and should be treated gently.  Enamel is durable, however you do not want to drop or knock the pendant into hard surfaces that could chip the glass.  I have tried to be accurate when photographing the enamel and glass colors, however your computer monitor may be calibrated to display them differently.

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