Fork Tine Earrings


These earrings stem from my explorations of antique and vintage flatware. I love the history that the flatware has. I find it exciting to bring new life to the flatware, while at the same time imparting a tangible history to the resulting jewelry design.

About the earrings:
These are made from vintage and antique silverplate forks. I am using different types of forks, and have both short and long fork tines. Please choose your preference using the drop down menu.  The photos in this listing are all of the shorter style.

Shorter tines (not including the earwire) are about 1.5" in length.
Longer tines (not including the earwire) are about 2" in length.

The tines have been textured and given a patina to accent the texture. Sterling silver wire accents the tops. The earwires are also sterling silver.

Price is for one pair of earrings.

Please visit my fine print for information on shipping.