Gold Cuff Bracelets (personalized with your message!)


These cuffs are made out of solid 10K gold, available in yellow gold or white gold.  They are thin, but sturdy.  The size makes it fun to stack with other cuffs.  Inscriptions on the bracelets are hand stamped with a tiny block lettering.  Personalize what you would like them to say :)

The length of the cuff is 6" from end to end, and then there is a about a 1" opening between the ends of the cuff.  This size will fit most average women's wrists.


  • Price is for ONE bracelet.
  • The cuff is made out of solid 10K gold. It is about 3mm wide and 1/16" (2mm) thick. The metal strip is 6" in length with about a 1" gap between the ends and will fit most wrists.
  • Your message can be up to a total of 80 character spaces.
  • It is possible to have your message all on the inside, all on the outside, or a combination of both. If your message is on both outside and inside, the character space limit should be split between both sides, for example, 60 spaces on one side and 20 on the other side. I will center the message on the outside, and start inside message to one end of the cuff.
  • I can stamp letters and numbers, as well as basic punctuation and a heart symbol. I cannot put accent marks over letters. If you would like a heart on your cuff, please signify it like this: <3 For example: I <3 you
  • I cannot accept returns on custom pieces, so please be sure that you are happy with the quote you choose before asking me to make it. The bracelet will be made with the exact spelling and punctuation that you request.
  • The block lettering I use is all uppercase.  The letters will not be filled in with any enamel or oxidation, so the message will be subtle, but readable.

  • Please see my fine print for a current time estimate for your custom cuff's creation.

When placing your order, type your custom message into the text boxes on this page. If you do not want a message on the inside/outside, leave that space blank.  Please remember that total number of character spaces on the bracelet is 80.


Did you know?
This is a sturdy cuff, however any cuff will break if abused. The most common way to damage a cuff is to repeatedly bend the metal back and forth in the same spot (which creates a line of stress which will eventually crack.) If you need to form the bracelet to your wrist, try to distribute the stress by bracing the cuff with your thumbs on the inside.