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All jewelry is individually handcrafted in Savannah, GA.

I use hand stamped lettering, kiln fired enamel, and gemstones to create unique and bespoke jewelry designs.

I like whimsical, colorful, simple, and minimal styles, and I hope you do too!

handcrafted glass enamel pendant of beach scene jewelry

One of a kind enamel pieces

Take a look at these kiln fired glass enamel designs! Filled with color and fun to wear!

tiny stacking name rings
hand stamped silver rings
inspirational messages handstamped on custom silver cuff bracelets made by kathryn riechert jewelry
inspirational words on handcrafted silver rings by kathryn riechert jewelry

Personalize it!

Do you need a stack of easy to wear mother's rings with your children's names? Perhaps a ring to share an inside joke with a friend? Or maybe you need an inspirational message stamped onto a bracelet?

You are in the right spot! I have plenty of styles of rings, bracelets, necklaces, and even keychains waiting for you to customize.

Click through to this collection to see them all!

handstamped silver jewelry cuff bracelets and rings

Step by Step Enamel Pendant Video

Recently I made a short video of the steps for making some of my new enamel jewelry pieces.  You can watch the process in this video:

starfish necklace made by Kathryn RiechertSpanish moss on oak tree in Savannah, GA

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Cat Nugget Necklaces!

Ok, I'm trying to start blogging again (it is has been YEARS!!) and I want to show more behind the scenes stuff, new pieces, etc.  

So.  Today I made these little nugget necklaces with tiny cats on them! :)

I've been playing with different cat ideas for a while, and this morning I was able to play with this idea.  It starts by cutting out all the little cat shapes.  I cut each of them from silver sheet using a jeweler's saw.  I wanted them to all be a little different so I cut them out freehand, meaning no template or drawing first, just the saw and the metal.

cat nuggets cut from silver sheet

Next I made some nuggets.  I like to use scrap sterling silver to create the nuggets, making little piles and then melting them together into a blob.  Once the blobs are cooled down I can flatten them with a hammer until they are the thickness and size that I would like.

silver scrap ready to be melted on a charcoal block

sterling silver cat pendants in progress

After those important steps were finished it was just a matter of soldering the little cats to the nuggets, adding the loop at the top, and then polishing. I like to oxidize the silver first, so that all the little crevasses are black and the cats will have little shadows around them.  I like the details that end up showing as a result of the oxidation.

oxidized sterling silver charms, silver that is completely black

I love the character these little guys have, and I hope there are other cat lovers out there who love them too!  

silver cat charms handmade by Kathryn Riechert

Now available in my shop:

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'Hairless Cat Has A Face On Her Butt' fame!

face on my sphynx cat's butt


This is totally unrelated to jewelry, but that's ok with me!  I'm excited and delighted to say that my sweet Maya Pants went viral!  (Or her butt did :D  )

I noticed this face on her butt and snapped a quick photo.  After it received many likes and comments on my personal facebook page I had Scott put it out to the world to see if other people liked the face too, turns out they did!

Her butt has been viewed over a million times on Imgur, and made yahoo news, The Daily Mail, and more!!  

(PS, the face only appears when she sits with her tail tucked under, most of the time she does not have a face there.)  And to balance out the image, here is one of my favorite pics of her:

sphynx cat on yellow chair
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