'Hairless Cat Has A Face On Her Butt' fame!

face on my sphynx cat's butt


This is totally unrelated to jewelry, but that's ok with me!  I'm excited and delighted to say that my sweet Maya Pants went viral!  (Or her butt did :D  )

I noticed this face on her butt and snapped a quick photo.  After it received many likes and comments on my personal facebook page I had Scott put it out to the world to see if other people liked the face too, turns out they did!

Her butt has been viewed over a million times on Imgur, and made yahoo news, The Daily Mail, and more!!  

(PS, the face only appears when she sits with her tail tucked under, most of the time she does not have a face there.)  And to balance out the image, here is one of my favorite pics of her:

sphynx cat on yellow chair