Adjustable Posey Ring, goldfilled


Adjustable rings are great for when you don't know someone's ring size, or perhaps you just want a ring that looks a little different from a standard band.

This listing is for a ring made out of 14k goldfilled metal. I will stamp the words of your choice on the top and bottom part of the ring.

When placing your order, please select the size approximation you would like the ring to start as (you can adjust it as needed after it arrives). Each ring will form a little differently, so some will have a gap between the top and bottom ends, and others will be close together (like the ring pictured).

1. Have the message in one line centered along the middle of the band. 
(This means the message will mostly show on the inside of your hand, and be mostly plain on the top of your finger)
These messages should be kept to about 26 spaces total.

2. Have the message split into 2 parts (one part goes on the top end of the ring and the other part goes on the bottom end of the ring) Examples of this style of ring are pictured with the 'JUST' 'BREATHE' message.
These messages should be kept to about 10 spaces per side.
Please specify text like this:

Top line:

Bottom line:

RING DETAILS *Please Read*

1. The ring dimensions: the metal strip is approximately 3mm tall and 2mm thick. It is made out of 14/20 Gold filled metal, which is 14ky gold bonded to a brass core. The layer of gold is thicker than plated metals with 5% of the metal being 14ky gold and the remaining 95% brass.

2.  How long does it take to make?   Please see my fine print for a current time estimate.

3. Do you have other styles of rings? 
I do offer rings in different widths and thicknesses. Look in my custom made items to see the available styles. 

4. How long can my message be?
Please see above specifications.

5. How many rings are included?
Price is for ONE ring. If you would like to order more than one, please add a ring to your shopping cart, and then adjust the quantity in your cart.

6. How do you place an order? 
Add a ring to your shopping cart and fill in the appropriate size and message details.


  • This style of ring is ONLY available in the all uppercase block font pictured in the listing.
  • I can also stamp numbers, a heart, and a few symbols (:;!,=+&".-?/) If you are requesting a heart symbol, please signify it like this (heart symbol).
  • These rings are stamped by hand, as such, letter placement will have a whimsical touch. This embodies the charm of a hand stamped piece and is not to be considered a flaw.

Rings will be made exactly as written (aside from quotation marks).
I cannot accept returns on custom orders, so please make sure the text, spelling, and size you request are accurate.