Bee Rings

A bee pun to make you smile through your day! The top part of this ring has a bee, and the bottom part is stamped with the word of your choice. You can BE(E) HAPPY, KIND, BRAVE, STRONG, TRUE, WELL :)

The band is made out of sterling silver, and the bee is brass.

Adjustable rings are great for when you don't know someone's ring size, or perhaps you just want a ring that looks a little different from a standard band.

When placing your order, please select the size approximation you would like the ring to start as (you can adjust it as needed after it arrives).

Ring dimensions: the metal strip is approximately 3mm tall and 1mm thick

BRASS - is a copper alloy with yellow color, it will darken in color as it is exposed to the atmosphere, polish with a polishing cloth

These rings are stamped by hand, as such, letter placement will have a whimsical touch. This embodies the charm of a hand stamped piece and is not to be considered a flaw.