Black and White Heart Pendant

Only 1 left!

I made this set of 7 heart pendants specifically in response to the call for racial equality across the global.  I will be donating 100% of the proceeds from each sale.

After a lot of thought and research I have decided to split the donations between these 2 causes:

Urban Hope, a local Savannah organization whose mission is, 'To instill hope in the inner city children of Savannah and empower them to seek change in their lives and in their community.'  As an organization they provide after school care, meals, tutoring, art activities, ministry, and summer camp opportunities for children from first grade through 12th grade.  

I chose this charity as it will have a positive impact within my own local community and I believe the work they are doing is beneficial for all involved.  Providing a loving and supportive environment for at risk and low income children/families is an important step towards improving our community.  They give kids a place to turn to for support, and skills to use to improve their lives and neighborhoods.  I know some of the people personally involved in this organization and am confident in it's intentions and impact.

The second cause I have chosen is a gofundme page raising money for Adrian Jackson, Adrian Jackson is a black postal carrier in Houston, TX who is currently recovering after being shot by a white supremacist while delivering mail.  While the shooting happened in Dec, he is still undergoing physical therapy 6 months later to regain his ability to walk.  His life was senselessly and forever changed, and he is now facing many challenges as a result (both physical and financial.)  Things like this should not happen.

The pendants are made out of glass enamel fused to copper.  The heart in the middle is made of fine silver, and the loop at the top is sterling silver.  

You will receive one of the seven pendants pictured.