Flower-Scape Pendants


Embrace the vibrant spirit of spring and summer with these delightful Flower-Scapes – the epitome of joy and nature's beauty!  Glass enamel, copper, and sterling silver come together to create a unique symphony of color and playfulness. Elevate your style and let your jewelry reflect the beauty of the natural world.

Expertly crafted from glass enamel delicately fused to copper, adorned with fine silver and sterling silver accents, these charming blooms are a celebration of craftsmanship and creativity. The solid sterling silver chain, available in 16", 18", or 20" lengths, ensures a perfect fit for your style.

What sets these flower-scapes apart is their whimsical ability to spin in place – a delightful feature for those who love a bit of fidget-friendly fun. Each pendant is a burst of color and movement, capturing the essence of a carefree summer day.

Choose your preferred flower color to match your mood or let me surprise you. These happy little flower-scapes are not just accessories; they are wearable moments of happiness that add a touch of joy to your every day.