Gold filled Cuff Bracelet - with your custom message


This cuff is made out of gold filled metal, and is custom made with your chosen message.  The inscription on the bracelet is hand stamped with a tiny block lettering. 

The length of the cuff is 6" from end to end, and then there is about a 1" opening between the ends of the cuff.  This size will fit most average women's wrists.


  • Price is for ONE bracelet.
  • 14/20 Gold filled metal is 14ky gold bonded to a brass core. The layer of gold is thicker than plated metals with 5% of the metal being 14ky gold and the remaining 95% brass.

    When working with gold filled metal care must be taken not to sand or file through the gold layer. For that reason, these cuff bracelets are hand polished to a high gloss on the outside of the cuff (not the inside). The ends of the cuffs are filed and sanded.

    The cuff is about 4mm tall. It is flat on the inside, and the outside has a rounded curve.
    The cuff is 6" from end to end and will fit most wrists.
  • The cuff will accommodate a maximum of about 80 characters and will be stamped in the tiny uppercase block font shown in the pictures. Additional character spaces may be possible for an additional charge; please message me if you would like to discuss this in more detail.
  • I DO NOT RECOMMEND STAMPING ON THE INSIDE. This is due to the finishing process that I use, in combination with the fact that the metal is not solid gold/brass. Any place the metal is stamped on the inside will show a texture on the outside of the cuff.
  • I can stamp only in the tiny uppercase block font pictured.  I cannot put accent marks over letters. I have letters and numbers, as well as basic punctuation and a heart symbol.  Signify a heart stamp by typing it in parenthesis.  For example:  I love you! (heart symbol)
  • I cannot accept returns on custom pieces, so please be sure that you are happy with the quote you choose before asking me to make it. The bracelet will be made with the exact spelling and punctuation that you request.
  • Please see my fine print for a current time estimate for your custom cuff's creation: 

When placing your order, type your custom message into the text box on this page.  

I also create these cuffs in sterling silver, brass, copper, and nickel.


Did you know?
This is a heavy duty cuff, however any cuff will break if abused. The most common way to damage a cuff is to repeatedly bend the metal back and forth in the same spot (which creates a line of stress which will eventually crack.) If you need to form the bracelet to your wrist, try to distribute the stress by bracing the cuff with your thumbs on the inside.