Inspirational Message Cuffs (brass or sterling silver)


These cuffs are a customer favorite at all my art shows and online :)  They are made with your choice of solid brass or solid sterling silver.  

I hand stamp different inspirational messages into the metal using a small uppercase lettering.  There are a range of messages to suit many occasions and many of life's obstacles.  

The cuffs are 6" end to end and have about a 1" gap between the ends.  They will fit most adult wrists and can be formed by the wearer to better fit their wrists.  If you have wrists that are 6" or smaller I would suggest that you request a smaller size (in the comment box during checkout.)

(I do not recommend repeatedly bending this cuff or any cuff back and forth in the same location on the bracelet, as that will create a line of stress that will eventually crack.  When forming you would want to brace with your thumbs inside the cuff to distribute the bend.)