Men's Brass Bracelet, hammered edge and hidden words


The top of this cuff bracelet is plain with a hammered texture accenting the edge. At the ends of the cuff I have hand stamped a word on each side: STRENGTH and COURAGE . This makes the message a bit more discreet for the wearer. (If you would like to have your own custom words used, please send me a message.)

This cuff is made out of a hefty piece of brass. It is about 10mm wide and has a substantial weight. The length of the metal strip is 6.75", with about a 1" gap between the ends.

Brass is similar to copper, in that it oxidizes at very fast rate. When you receive it, it will be a shiny gold color as pictured, however as you wear it it will darken to a shade of brown. If your body has a high acidity level, or you are sweating a lot, you will see a green mark on your skin. This mark is harmless and will easily wash off with soap and water. If you want to protect against this skin reaction, use clear fingernail polish to seal the underside of the bracelet and prevent the metal from being in direct contact with your skin. Brass can be polished with a polishing cloth or metal cleaner.

Did you know?
The most common way to damage a cuff is to repeatedly bend the metal back and forth in the same spot (which creates a line of stress which will eventually crack.) If you need to form the bracelet to your wrist, try to distribute the stress by bracing the cuff with your thumbs on the inside.