Michele's Cat Painting #4

Only 1 left!

I'm fairly certain this cat eats canned Fancy Feast served on a floral plate.

This original folk art style painting is 5x7" in size and is painted with acrylic paints on a wooden base.  A small hanger has been affixed to the back.

This size is great for putting next to your desk at work, or in a little corner that needs some happy life. 

Cat lovers unite!  Spread the love and spread the cats (but spaying and neutering is always important too ;)

Michele Roldán-Shaw is an artist and animal-lover in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. She grew up on a farm and when she wasn’t outside playing with the goats or wandering the woods with the dog, she was in her room drawing. Capturing the personalities of animals and portraying them in vivid happy colors are signatures of her work.