Nicki Leach Foundation Bracelet


This bracelet was made specifically for the Nicki Leach Foundation, and $50 from each purchase price is donated to the foundation.  I met Bunny Leach at an art show in FL and learned about her daughter Nicki and the foundation.

The primary mission of the Nicki Leach Foundation, a non-profit organization, is to provide modest financial assistance to young adults (18-30) afflicted with cancer. The Foundation has decided to focus on this particular age group, as it includes the highest number of underinsured individuals in the U.S., who are often caught between completion of education and actual employment with insurance. Most have already exhausted their financial resources, and have significant trouble finding jobs given their diagnoses and disabilities.

The bracelets are made out of solid sterling silver.  They read, 'Don't frown because it's over...Smile because it happened.'  The outside end of the cuff has a smiley face, and the inside has 'Nicki'.