Nothing too important to say, except that I love my little Ruby and this photo of her sitting on my knee makes me smile :)  (she demanded my attention while I was photographing some of my jewelry!)

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New cat scratching thing

Recently this product was recommended to us by Susie of fabulous BoyGirlParty fame.  I figured with all it's positive reviews it was worth a shot.  (Well, pretty much anything that might consolidate all the cat scratching to one human approved location is worth a shot!)  I bought it and anxiously awaited it's arrival.  Yesterday was the day it came...

I excitedly took it out of the box and sang the Maya Song to get the cats to come to the living room.  In case you are wondering, the Maya Song goes like this, 'Maya, Maya, BoBya, Banana Fana, Popaya, Papaya, Papaya, Papaya, Maya' (her favorite part is the 'Papaya').  Both cats came running down the hall into the living room!

And Maya ran straight into the box:

Ok, I should have seen that coming, cat toy guys!  Get excited!  Come scratch on it!!!  

Ruby meanwhile was content to play with my camera strap:


Time elapsed and my coaxing to get them to show even the faintest interest was not working.  I resorted to setting Ruby on top of it:

 She was unimpressed and just wanted to sit in my lap.  Maya was happy in her box.

Dave and I decided to play dirty, and we got out the laser pointer!


We succeeded in getting Maya out of the box, however as soon as the laser went on top of the scratching lounge, this is what happened:

  Yep.  Maya retreated back to the box.  She also spent a little time scratching on the inside walls of the box!!

Sigh.  I decided to let them work up to using it on their own, and I don't have the heart to take away the box (yet).  So both now occupy the middle of the living room...and I'm still waiting for the exiciting moment when they might, you know, actually USE the scratching lounge!!  

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Meet Bailey

Meet Bailey, she is about 4 years old, cute as can be, overflowing with energy, and my shadow everywhere I go.  

We adopted her from Georgia Animal Rescue and Defense when she was just a puppy.  

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